rosshaar 01


70 years ago COMTESSE invented woven horsehair as a subtle and precious material in the creation of ladies handbags. Woven on age-old looms, this fabric represents centuries of technical knowledge, employing it to realize ideas of fashion and luxury for  today's discerning client.

comtesse rosshaar


There is more to it than meets the eye: the raw fabric just off the loom contains a lot of irregularities. Only the experienced eye and trained hand can detect and remove them.
This minute step of work symbolizes the diligence and time an experienced artisan has to dedicate in order to create an example of brilliant craftmanship.

comtesse python


As with most reptile skins COMTESSE uses the belly part for its supreme pattern structure. In order to preserve the beautiful gloss and pattern  of  the scales, COMTESSE artisans iron the skin. 

comtesse eidechse


Lizard skins are both very thin and of sturdy surface yet soft and grainy to the touch.

comtesse strauss


Leather of the farmed ostrich bird shows a plethora of remarkable qualities: polished under
rotating brushes, it displays a wide palette of subtle shades on the very same skin.

comtesse krokodil


Still the king of exotic skins, this material is a challenge to any artisan: only rarely do two skins match perfectly in shade and scale structure. The dressed skin only gains brilliance by being polished under a smooth agate stone. This technique alone requires decades of learning and experience.