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We have never compromised our main principles and we never will: that the skilled hand creating a COMTESSE handbag is guided not only by the eye but also by the heart to produce "handmade perfection".

"Meister" is an honoured and revered German title accomplished by  skilled craftsmen after years of thorough training only. In centuries past German cities were run by guilds- corporations - of Meisters who jealousy guarded their secrets and prevented unworthies from entering their trades.

This pride in their knowledge is manifested by the fact that by tradition the Meisters and artisans of COMTESSSE personally own their tools and hand them on to their successors upon their retirement, to signify that they have passed on their secrets to a new generation.

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Cutting Patterns

Following an ancient tradition cutting patterns are made of stout cardboard. In many cases they are used by generations of pursemakers. 

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Precious materials require to be cut by hand: only the trained eye of the master cutter is able to detect even the slightest defects. 

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Metal Components

Up to 30 different metal components ensure the smooth functioning of a COMTESSE handbag.

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Mounting a "framed" handbag.

comtesse zertifikat


The artisans of COMTESSE express their pride and confidence in their supreme skills by signing their names on the "Certificate" accompanying each handbag