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February 2017


We joined “KIMONO QUEEN CONTEST 2017” which is held on the 25th of February.

This is one of the largest kimono contests in Japan and 343 beautiful women, who were selected in the district's preliminaries, modelled their appearance dressed in kimono at this contest. There were 6,435 responses to this contest from all over the country.
We presented “Princess” bag, which is the icon of our brand, as an extra prize to Kimono Queen, Ms. Minami Himeno.

The special booth was set up and many commemorative photos were taken by professional photographers. More than 300 entries coordinated their kimono with “Princess” bag and participated in this photo session.

The photos of their glamorous appearance in kimono with elegant “Princess” bag became a great and special memory of this day.

event shangri la hotel the pavilion

November 2015

Event at Shangri-La Hotel “The Pavilion”

Inviting premium guests to the event greeted by a former President - Andreas Mann, a new President - Heinz Rohner, and a Head of Design – Nadja Noack-Barbara for this special day.

Our collection was introduced including a new line in a very sophisticated space “The Pavilion”, and the talk show with an actress, Michiko Hada gave us such a wonderful time.

It was successfully done, and our guests deeply understood what Comtesse is all about through this event.

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March 2014

floor show


November 2013

In November 2013 another event ART-ARTIST-ARTISAN took place in Kyoto.

The portraits taken at this event constitute an important part of a catalogue to be introduced soon, framed by observations collected by the artist over the many years of his travels.

Patron of the project was the MEISTERKREIS, supporting its artistic proposition of perceiving, experiencing and respecting cultural differences. The basis of which is formed by the trust in the power of art to aesthetically educate people, to connect and enrich them with new experiences.

comtesse meisterkreis event

July 11th, 2013

Project "Mother & Daughter" Exhibition

COMTESSE sponsored the 'Mother & Daughter' exhibition, one of projects of "ART – ARTIST – ARTISAN' supported by MEISTERKREIS, staged by Dr. Volker Stanzel, Ambassador of the Embassy Tokyo and by MEISTREKREIS. LEICA Camera was another sponsor for this event.